A Sunday Times Book of the Year

‘Much the best was Justin Hill’s Shieldwall, which superbly evoked the wordplay of the period’s poetry as it unfolds a compelling story of Earl Godwin’s battles against the Norse.’

‘With Shieldwall, Justin Hill joins the ranks of thoughtful, intelligent writers who know their period, but know also how to weave strong, striking characters and a driving narrative that sweep the reader through the havoc of battles and personal tragedy to the calmer waters at the end. This is an extraordinary account of an extraordinary time, heart-strong and heart-ful and utterly engaging. Don’t miss it!’ Manda Scott

‘As close to an eyewitness account of this major Dark Age conflict as you could hope for without getting caught in the line of fire. Bracing and real.’ Dan Abnett

Shieldwall brings the bloody history of ancient England to life in a tale that paints an unflinchingly vividly portrait of these legendary times. With evocative language that reeks of smoke-filled halls and a realism that drags the reader into the front ranks of battle, Justin Hill has crafted a novel that thrillingly exhausts and enthrals in equal measure.’ Graham McNeill

Shieldwall is the first foray into historical fiction by the acclaimed novelist Justin Hill. I was delighted to discover that this was no mild-mannered ingress into the genre, but a grand, full-blooded entrance. Lovers of history and historical fiction, sit up and take notice! Shieldwall is a magnificent story, full of complex historical and fictional characters. Hill is a master at describing the politics, lifestyles and conflicts of eleventh century England; ordinary, domestic scenes and the madness and gore of set-piece battles are described with equal aplomb. I loved every page and will eagerly look forward to the sequel. Do not miss it’. Ben Kane